The Urban Prepper's Survival Guide

How to Thrive When There's
No Food, Power, or Water, And It's Chaos on The Street

The Urban Prepper's Survival Guide
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273 million of us live in towns or cities. Half of which are in “disaster zones”. Where your risk from hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and worse is WAY above normal...

Not to mention other threats. Like riots, pandemics, nuclear attacks, economic unrest, and more.

Which is why it pays for you to prepare now. While you still can. With one BIG catch…

Because, if you act today, you could also be better off than the most “homestead happy” prepper. Out in the country. With all the same self-reliant strengths and none of the drawbacks…

Such as isolation, bad access to services (like hospitals), government aid, and more…

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In short, with ‘The Urban Prepper's Survival Guide' you'll not just survive when SHTF. You'll thrive.

Just keep in mind, what you'll see below is only a peek of what's inside. Including…

How to Salvage, Stockpile,
and Secure Essential Items When SHTF

Salvage, Stockpile and Essential Survival Items on a table

Because one BIG advantage of a city is that it's full of resources. Even if you only visit now and then. So long as you know where to look, what to look for, and you do it safely. Which is why we'll show you…

Collapsing wooden green house

The 10 most valuable items to seek out in a crisis, how to safely search damaged buildings, how to spot hidden dangers (such as loose electrical wires or traps), the best way to transport your stuff, and more. Plus, how to upcycle items for profit. Or use them yourself.

How to Grow Stacks of Food
in a Tiny Space with (Almost) No Water or Light

Mom and kid picking vegetables from garden, having already some peppers red peppers in a bucket

And enjoy harvests that are 30-40% bigger (and grow 30-50% faster) vs. a regular garden. In 90% less space, all year round, and with 20x less water. Plus, you'll uncover how to raise bees for honey, grow mushrooms without light, and even raise chickens. Plus, A LOT more.

When There's Blood on The Street

Burning Car, riot-looking man walking away from the scene

To keep your family safe when self-defense is your only choice. With these tips from the 75th Ranger Regiment. Who specializes in urban combat. Including urban marksman tactics, how to spot an ambush, escape a riot, and the top 5 weapons to own…

Man asleep in home with armed intruder behind him

Plus, how to fortify your home, hide your trail if you're followed, why security cameras are a waste of time, how to make a gas mask, and important military concepts. Like 'defense in depth', 'deter and delay', 'op-sec' and more.

How to Secretly Gather, Purify and Store
600 Gallons of Safe-to-Drink Water

Blue Barrels connected to pipe draining structure

In a TINY space! That could save you $500! On average. Using common “junk”. Including a 5-step plan on how to build your system, that also removes 95% of harmful material. Before you boil it. Without chemicals or costly ceramic filters.

5 Easy Ways to Power Your Home

Lightened candles and powerlines

That won't attract looters, beggars, or thieves when the street goes dark. Or run out of fuel. We'll also show you how to turn your waste into energy, make a battery bank to store your power, how to make electricity on the move, and more. Tip: this could also save you $400 on your bills.

The Top 10 Medical Skills
That Will Save Your Life in a Crisis

Ambulance in missions

Because basic first aid is important. No matter where you live. As it can TRIPLE your odds of surviving an accident, illness, or injury. Crisis or not. However, in a city, some threats are more likely than others. Such as violence, exposure to toxic materials, or pandemic-like outbreaks. Which is where these skills step in...

Frist aid kit

Such as how to seal a gunshot wound, treat a chemical burn, why 3 kitchen ingredients save 2 million lives a year, how to build the ultimate first aid kit, and more. Any of which could save your life. Or a loved one's. By keeping them alive until 911 arrives or they recover.

How to Forage for Food in the City

Before and after, purslane images

Because it's strange how much free food people walk by. Just because they don't know what to eat. Like dandelion leaves, that are packed full of vitamin C. Which is known as the famine "warning light". Since you'll suffer from fatigue, muscle pain, and uncontrolled bleeding without it. Before you die.

Before and after, acacia flowers

Plus, other gems. Such as purslane, chickweed, rosehips, acacia flowers, cattails, and more. With tips on how to safely identify, find, and preserve each of these foods. Hint: you can even plant these crops in plain sight. As they're rarely noticed. To give you a secret garden.

The Only SAFE Way to Bugout When SHTF

Heavy traffic waiting to enter a city tunnel

Because official studies show us that the short-term evacuation of a city is impossible. Since our transport network simply wasn't built to let us all leave AT ONE TIME. As roads, railways, airports, and more would be swarmed with terrified people. But…

Opened trunk, filled with survival items

With these tips, you're sure to make it. Including steps on how to act in time, the best routes to take, what gear to carry, how to spot danger and stay “invisible” (with grey man camouflage), how to navigate without a map, GPS, compass, and more.

A bunch of satelite dishes hanged from a building

For example. Most of us know we can navigate using the sun. But did you know that satellite dishes also face south? Or that the direction of streetlights and air traffic will also help you?

Why A “Survival Community” Could Save Your Life…

Picture signifying 'many hand make light work'

After all, “many hands make light work”. And even a little help can make a big difference. Such as knowledge of a blocked road, a lookout (or sniper?) on your street, or a backup supply cache. Plus, other big wins. That we see in history. Such as…

Flood and wild disaster caused by nature

In Syria where communal gardens kept families from starving under ISIL. Or The Bosnian War where homes were powered using spare parts. Or the “day zero” crisis in Cape Town. When folk ran out of water. But worked together with shared DIYs to gather more. And saved the city.

Shush sign

All of which we'll show you how to achieve in this guide. Without letting “bad eggs” into your group. Or alerting them to your plan. With tips on how to stay organized, lead effectively, and what to focus on. This way you'll bounce back from a crisis much faster.

How to Stay Safe Against
Debris, Smoke, or Nuclear Fallout

Twin Towers Burning

Remember, after 9/11 more Americans were ultimately killed by dust in the air than died in the attack. Which led to diseases like COPD and cancer. What's more, a “dirty bomb” is more likely to hit a city. But if you seal up your home, THE RIGHT WAY, you will survive. Hint: a wet towel will save your life. But only if you don't use the tap.

And more!

All designed to help you survive and thrive through any crisis in an urban setting.

Which I think you'll agree is well worth it!

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The Urban Prepper's Survival Guide

The Urban Prepper's Survival Guide
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The Urban Prepper's Survival Guide

The Urban Prepper's Survival Guide
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