How You Can Live Forever

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How You Can Live Forever
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For the first time in 250 years lifespans are decreasing and not increasing like they did for our parents. And no, it's not our lifestyle that's to blame. For example, if we cured all heart disease today it would only add 1.5 years to your life. All cancers? 2.1 years. Alzheimer's disease? Just 19 short days. —Why?

Because, until now, we've only treated the symptoms and not the root cause of these killers. As, simply put, aging is the disease that leads to 90% of all deaths. But now we can reverse it. At a genetic level. At home. In 5 basic steps. Thanks to new research. In a way that's easy and safe.

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All of which you'll find inside ‘How You Can Live Forever'.

After all, while facts like smoking can multiply your risk of cancer 5 times over, being 50 years old raises it 100 times! So, doesn't it make sense to tackle this first? That way, you won't get ill in the first place.

Just keep in mind, what you see below is only a glimpse of what's inside. Including…

The 5-Step Secret to Reverse Aging

Old and young mices

REMEMBER, in the lab, these simple steps caused the equivalent of a 90-year-old mouse to outrun their 20-year-old competitor in an ultra-marathon. While doing the opposite caused them to age 50% faster! It also turned 50-year-old humans into biological 31-year-olds. With a far lower risk from chronic disease.

DNA Helixes

And it's all thanks to a few basic tweaks. On 1. when you eat, 2. what you eat, 3. how to avoid DNA damage, 4. your body's internal thermostat, and 5. exercise. Hint: you don't need to spend hours burning calories. In fact, you'll barely move at all! As your body's own repair system will be "hijacked" to do the job.

What Aging Really is and How to Stop It

Biological hallmarks of aging

Because until now we didn't truly know what aging was. With theories like oxidative stress, telomere damage, cell mutation, and others leading the field. But which didn't explain the full picture. Such as why identical twins look different over time. Or why we why get hairier with age (think of your grandpa's ear hair). Or why cloned animals, who share the same DNA and environment, age so differently.

Yound and old faces compared vertically

But now we know that aging is caused by changes in your epigenome over time. Which can cause you to age faster or slower. Note: if your DNA is a music sheet your epigenome is the musician. Whilst aging is your musician "forgetting" to play certain notes.

Greenland shark

This is also why animals like the Greenland Shark can live to 500 years old. Because its body "reminds" the musician what notes to play. A step that is also easy to hack.

Protein Aging

Because it turns out, evolution already does this. By using the “die old, breed slow” strategy we see in tortoises, whales, and more. Vs. the “die young, breed fast” approach of mice, dogs, and others. While all we need to do to benefit is reactivate our body's existing defenses to produce a single anti-aging protein.

Why The First 1000-Year-Old is Alive Today

US emblem seal

Because even if you only add 35 more happy years to your life, using this method, it could be enough for you to live forever. With billions of dollars now pouring into this research. From Google, the US and UK governments, billionaires like Bill Gates, and more.

Future City

In short, this is because the pace of technological progress is speeding up. And getting cheaper. As what once took us $2.3 billion and 13 years to achieve (e.g., mapping the human genome) can now be done in just 2 weeks for $100. Even better…

Line 2-D Chart

Technology that once took 50 years for us to adopt (like lightbulbs) now takes just 3 (smartphones). With an adoption window that continues to shrink. Including telephones (35 years), TV (25), the internet (5), and more. All of which means you won't have to wait long to gain from a big discovery.

Life expectancy on time line chart

Plus, if you can live long enough, you could live forever. As anti-aging research enters escape velocity. Extending the modest 0.3 years of extra life we've gained every year, from new technology, in the last century, to a new height without a limit. And the quicker you act the more likely it is you'll live to the age of Methuselah. With one big difference…

How to Live Free from Chronic Disease

Sick person in hospital bed

Because while a long life is great most of us would reject it if this meant decades of pain and illness lay ahead of us. With unbearable financial and emotional costs thrown in. Even though this is something 45% of us already live with. And is set to get worse…

Health bill, final notice stamp on the paper

For instance, in Japan. Which has a slightly older population than the US. Where reports of “dementia camps”, mercy killings, and 75-year-olds caring for their 90-year-old parents, are common. Alongside soaring health costs, which are already too high for many of us in the US. At $300,000 on average for a healthy couple.

Before and after deaging photo, lateral side of body

Yet, with this 5-step secret you'll not only live for far longer you'll also be healthier. As your body will be better able to fight the diseases of aging. Like diabetes, osteoporosis, COPD and more. For example, in labs, doctors have already used this method to remove wrinkles, restore vision, and return grey hair to its youthful color. Plus, a lot more.

Why Capers, Kale, and Red Onion
Can Add 20+ Years to Your Life

Kale and red blood cells, arrow running from left to right

Thanks to their helpful amino acids that keep your cells alive for longer. With studies that show a 36% boost in lifespan as a result. Which is equivalent to everyone in the world living to 106. Vs. the 73 years we get today. Note: dead cells will also clog your system, leading to inflammation. Which is the origin of many chronic illnesses. But with the right amino acids this isn't a problem.

How Our Government is Secretly Killing Us

Off a cliff chart

Thanks to policy blunders like the opioid epidemic, dietary laws that backfired (igniting today's obesity crisis), and rules around healthcare that have led Americans to be TWICE as likely to die, from ANY cause, vs. their equals in other western countries. Despite us spending 2.5x more on our health care. And all of which are easy to avoid. Once you know how.

How to Lose 70% of Excess Fat in Just 4 Weeks

Belly up close

Think about it. That's equal to 56 pounds for the average obese American. Just by avoiding methionine. A chemical that's found in eggs, fish, grains, seeds, nuts and some popular plants and meat. All of which has been proven to work by science. Better yet, if you're pre-diabetic, this tip could also restore your metabolic health.

How to Escape 2024's “Baby Boomer Death Wave”

US population by age in 2020 - chart

Because we're now at a tipping point. After which deaths will spike and tens of millions will die. In fact, 33% of boomers (30 million people) are already dead. Up from 22% just 2 years ago. Which translates to 5,560 deaths a day. Or one death every 15.5 seconds. Which is why it pays to act now. And fight aging today. While you still can.

The 15-minute Body Hack
That Cuts Your Chance of Death By 45%

Chromosomes illustration

By shielding your chromosome's telomeres from the damage of aging that occurs during cell division. Remember, your telomeres are like the tiny bits of plastic at the ends of your shoelace which stop your laces from fraying. Over time, these will naturally wear down like a burning candle. Harming your DNA. But the longer you can preserve them the longer you'll live for. You'll also be healthier and age much slower.

Why Other Anti-Aging Solutions
Are Only Half Right

Bored woman, eating

I'll say it now. A lot of anti-aging advice out there is junk. But some of it is good. Even if it's only part of the answer. Like the 19th century surgeons who saw that washing their hands before surgery saved patients from infection. But had no idea what a germ was. Or the Mediterranean diet which includes many good amino acids. But not all of them.

Image 18 - Tired person exercising

The problem is this “one eye shut” approach has also made anti-aging results harder to achieve. With tough to stick to routines, expensive supplements, boring meal plans, and more risking your health. That's why we consulted with behavioral psychology experts before creating this guide.

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The result? An A-Z roadmap even a child could follow to slow and prevent aging in the fastest and simplest way possible.

And more!

All designed to help you live a healthier life for longer. Or forever. If you start right away.

Which I think you'll agree is well worth it!

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How You Can Live Forever

How You Can Live Forever
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